Who is the Best Digital Marketing Expert in India?

Discover who are India's top 10 digital marketing experts: Bhavik Sarkhedi, Sorav Jain, Prateek Shah, Deepak Kanakaraju, Pradeep Chopra & Kunal Choudhary.

Who is the Best Digital Marketing Expert in India?

India is home to some of the world's best digital marketing professionals, and the list of experts is growing every day. From entrepreneurs to trainers, authors, and consultants, these professionals have made a name for themselves in the industry. In this article, we will take a look at some of India's top digital marketing experts and their achievements. Bhavik Sarkhedi is the CEO and founder of India's most valued content marketing agency Write Right (www.write-right.in). He has co-founded Dad of Ad, a 360-degree digital marketing company, and Estorytellers, a full-fledged content marketing agency.

With 8 full years of industry experience, Bhavik Sarkhedi, 28, is currently one of India's youngest digital marketers, representing India among the world renowned professionals. He has written more than 2500 blogs and articles and is the author of 4 books published with 2 best sellers The Weak Point Dealer and The Unproposed Guy. He has delivered more than 7.5 Lakh of leads delivered to date and boasts an impressive ROI. Sorav Jain is the founder of Echome and Digital Scholar. He began his digital marketing career as an SEO executive at the age of 17. He completed his bachelor's degree at Loyola College in Chennai and his master's degree in International Marketing Management at the University of Leeds Business School.

Sorav decided to share his experiences, so he began giving informational lectures on digital marketing at NASSCOM, the Industry Association of India and respected institutes such as IIM, Kozhikode, LIBA and several others. He has organized more than 100 workshops and trained more than 3,500 professionals on social media. Prateek Shah is one of India's best-known digital marketing trainers and is the founder of Digital Defynd, a popular portal for finding and training through the best online training programs and courses from around the world, spread across industries and domains. Prateek Shah has trained several professionals over the years to train them in the domain of digital media and marketing. He also dedicated himself to conducting trainings and workshops for B schools and companies in India and abroad.

It also provides certifications at the end of the training or the workshops conducted by him. Deepak Kanakaraju a.k.a DigitalDeepak leads the world's largest digital marketing group on the Facebook platform called Learn Digital Marketing. He is also a speaker, author and consultant for TEDx on digital marketing trends. With his strong business characteristics that helped him secure his place as one of India's best digital marketers, Deepak has also written a book titled “Edge of Sanity” that gives us a great insight into entrepreneurship. Pradeep Chopra graduated from IIT Delhi. He is one of the pioneers of digital marketing in India.

Pradeep is Co-Founder and CEO of Digital Vidya. He is an international speaker and writer on digital marketing and entrepreneurship. Kunal Choudhary is the founder and director of the Delhi School of Internet Marketing. He has an MBA in Marketing from Amity University. Kunal specializes in training and consulting for social media marketing, application development, and personal branding.

He even organized the first social media summit in Chennai with more than 24 speakers from different parts of the world. He also released his book “Social Media for Business” to spread his knowledge of social media skills and brand power. Research by Adobe and CMO advice has revealed that 96% of Indian marketers trust the ability of digital marketing to stay ahead of the competitive race. These professionals have revolutionized this industry with their dynamism and adaptability. Here is a list of India's top 10 digital marketers:

  • Bhavik Sarkhedi
  • Sorav Jain
  • Prateek Shah
  • Deepak Kanakaraju
  • Pradeep Chopra
  • Kunal Choudhary
These are some of India's best digital marketing experts who have made it to this list due to their achievements in this field.

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