Do Digital Marketing Agencies Really Work?

Companies often turn to digital marketing agencies for their expertise in online marketing. Learn more about what they do and how they can help you reach your goals.

Do Digital Marketing Agencies Really Work?

Companies often turn to digital marketing agencies for their expertise in online marketing. Agencies are knowledgeable about the latest trends, best practices, and most effective tools. They can act as an extension of a company's marketing team, managing social media and email accounts, tracking the success of campaigns, and implementing strategies to generate leads and sales. Digital marketing works by combining different strategies that all aim to achieve a single goal: driving traffic to a business, whether it's online or physical.

The goal is to convert a unique visitor into a loyal and recurring customer. A digital agency has a team of experts who specialize in modern digital marketing techniques. Rather than relying on traditional marketing methods such as newspaper ads and billboards, they offer technology-oriented services that allow businesses to connect and interact with their target audience on a global scale. They can also create and manage advertising campaigns on social media platforms, ensuring that ads comply with the terms of service and configuring ad groups to meet the company's primary goals and KPIs.

Getting your items to the top of searches isn't just about creating brand awareness or getting more views. Because 72% of people turn to Google when they have a problem, it's important to leverage SEO to present the right type of content to the right people at the right time in the buyer's journey. SEO audits help you understand where your backlinks come from and what types of sites are most likely to link to your content, so you can improve the quality of your links and duplicate links that work well. A surprisingly overlooked SEO factor is user experience (UX) evaluation.

Search engines have recently emphasized the user experience of a site when it comes to prioritizing rankings, so it's important to have a good design so that customers can easily take the desired actions. Running an effective SEO campaign isn't just about getting backlinks or including keywords in your post; it's about creating content that your target audience finds useful and helps them move through your funnel. When done correctly, infographics can increase the number of times your content is shared; in fact, infographics get the most shares on average. But there is a big difference between well-researched, high-quality infographics and those that are improvised by those who aren't graphic designers. You can use tools like Moz or Google Analytics to track how many sites are linking to your site; this also helps you measure how well you're doing when it comes to your SEO efforts.

Through Google Analytics, you can also see how many people find your infographics through specific keywords. Calculating the return on investment (ROI) of your Facebook advertising is easier than calculating the ROI of many other marketing strategies. Content marketing is the fuel that has built many multi-million dollar businesses. Most companies think that creating content means writing a few blog posts each week and putting them on a website; however, those who care about sales rather than vanity metrics realize that it's more complicated than that. The services that agencies can offer within content marketing include generating blog posts, creating infographics, writing SEO-optimized content, conducting content analysis, and promoting content on social media platforms. It's also important to review the competition before launching any digital campaigns. Knowing all the services that digital marketing agencies can offer may lead you to believe that they are expensive; however, the biggest waste of resources in digital marketing (such as through email) is just the time and power of people needed to execute campaigns, lead generation strategies, respond to contacts, and help businesses attract new customers into their CRM funnel. The main thing to consider when hiring a digital marketing agency is how much they focus on ROI and how they measure it.

Digital marketing is a multifaceted strategy aimed at targeting, reaching out to, and building relationships with customers online across multiple channels in order to get them to make a purchase—and more purchases in the future. You want to make sure you're making the best decision for your business before turning over control to a digital marketing agency. Common team members of a digital marketing agency include strategists who understand your business objectives and design strategies accordingly; you don't have to worry about hiring new marketing employees or growing your marketing department or losing money on bad full-time hires. Digital marketing isn't just about selling services; it requires substantial research beforehand. If you hire a digital marketing agency for social media marketing, your brand will gain additional online presence on multiple social media platforms. The digital marketing analyst would review the results of each campaign to determine which one was successful. So what does a digital marketing agency do? Experienced marketers and professionals will be able to navigate all the steps required for setting up, running, and adjusting PPC ads.

Digital marketing agency team members will organize ongoing meetings to learn about the company's monthly or quarterly objectives; be sure to review all services offered by an agency before making any decisions.

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