Which Country is Best for Digital Marketing Jobs?

Explore which countries offer some of the best opportunities for those looking for jobs related to Digital Marketing.

Which Country is Best for Digital Marketing Jobs?

As one of the most digitally competitive countries in the world, the United States of America is at the forefront of innovation and digital transformation. This makes it an ideal destination for those looking to pursue a career in digital marketing. But what about other countries? International Business Schools, based in Europe and Asia, has been dedicated since 2002 to intercultural education from a global perspective. Japan is known for its contribution to education, including at the primary and secondary levels.

In addition, the famous Japanese cuisine is perfect for a cultural experience. Australia offers much more than normal. Many international students in Australia choose to study because they are friendly, relaxed, well-educated and have a high standard of living. York University is one of the best universities for digital marketing.

This postgraduate digital and content marketing certificate from the York School of Continuing Studies will move you in just 8 months from beginner to expert in digital and content marketing. George Brown College, one of Canada's oldest universities, offers a combination of theory and practice. They provide students with the opportunity to collaborate on practical research and field education with industry professionals, prioritizing real-world learning. Students receive the latest trends and technology in their relationships with the industry. High level of education is one of the main factors for students studying in Canada.

When a student graduates from a university in Canada, it is a symbol of trust and excellence. The Netherlands is also an unusual state that does not speak English, in which more than 95% of the local population speaks English. This makes it extremely convenient, comfortable and enjoyable for international students to live, study and work in the Netherlands. London, the business capital of the United Kingdom and home to almost 9 million people, is truly a global city. Most of the businesses located in London's busy shopping districts are all over the world, making London a more international city than New York. A recent report showed that 1.46 million people employed by UK digital firms are in London.

Networking events are a dime a dozen, and bars and restaurants are full of career-advancing connections. If you've already established yourself as an experienced marketer, Manchester could be your bag. MediaCityUK, Mediacom North, Deluxe media and iCrossing UK have Manchurian roots and headquarters. If you're fed up with London's travel and accommodation costs, Manchester offers experienced professionals a place to retune their creativity, enjoy a city with a musical atmosphere, while you still have money in the bank at the end of the month. Fancy revising your Japanese? If you do, you have a chance at Dentsu, the world's largest advertising agency, Hakuhodo, McCann and BBDO. Due to Japan's slight delay in digital marketing, they welcome foreign talent and pay them well.

According to Monocle, Tokyo is the most livable city in the world. For a change of culture, an excellent salary and a lifelong job, it's best to start your visa application. Fancy a challenge? How do you market in a country where Facebook and Google are banned? Working in China will teach you the power of local platforms and how to trade in a divided wealth system. The luxury market is thriving in China, while there is enormous poverty in other areas. Wieden+Kennedy, AKQA and IDEO are based in Shanghai and are looking for new talent, once you get your visa. If you can cope with the hustle and bustle, there are great opportunities to have.

Our results may reveal that digital marketing managers in Asia earn the most per year compared to other continents in the world. In fact, the best country for digital marketers is Japan, where a manager can earn a staggering £58,443 average. Second on the list is China, where the average salary of a digital marketing manager is £56,443, and the United States ranks third with Americans taking home approximately £55,949 each year. An area of the world that has seen a significant increase in demand for digital marketers and specialists is Australia. As the Australian economy shifted away from traditional means of economic growth such as manufacturing; digital services are moving to the forefront of its economy.

Gain realistic skills to develop a comprehensive marketing strategy with the Digital Marketing Management Program at University of California Berkeley. In this splendid and changing business world; MSc Digital Marketing & Analytics will prepare you. By checking this box; I agree to receive promotional updates through digital & offline marketing channels. One of the most suitable cities for digital agencies in USA is Boston; which ranks first among top 25 startup centers according to report from US Chamber Foundation. This degree in Digital & Social Media from Sydney University of Technology introduces students to major debates on role of social media in daily life & focuses on creative & analytical solutions to problems through application of social & digital media.

Technical & marketing skills combine in several contexts to bridge difference between marketing & IT & provide graduates with strong digital & analytical skills. In connections-based career; it's essential that digital marketers focus their efforts on right people & right service or product. Digital marketing; as name implies; by promoting products or services through digital channels such as search engines; social communication; emails; websites etc. If you're interested in joining digital world but digital marketing isn't your thing; there are many other jobs to explore.

The most prominent countries in online arena tend to offer highest salaries for digital marketers. For businesses around world; need for digital marketing & social media management has become necessity. Specializing in Digital Marketing & Communication; influence of this field has grown exponentially over past few years due to its ability to reach large audiences quickly & cost-effectively.

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